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CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations office

Category: Visual arts
Tags: CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations Office

Czesław Czapliński's photographic exhibition: "CHOPIN'S Steps in Warsaw and the Mazovia"

Fryderyk Chopin spent half of his short, less than 40-year long, life in Warsaw and the Mazovia (Mazowsze) region of Poland. This period was crucial in shaping his future artistic career, with Mazovia’s landscapes being ever since present in his music. That is why, Czapliński spent the last two years travelling around Warsaw and Mazovia and visiting places where the composer had spent his childhood, studied and gave concerts.

Such places are among others: Żelazowa Wola, where Chopin was born on 22 February 1810, or Brochów (near Sochaczew), where he was baptised at the Saint Roch's Church on 23 April 1810. The exhibition also includes images of Fryderyk Chopin's places of residence in Warsaw, which are at the same time important Polish heritage sites: the Saxon Palace (1810-1817), the Kazimierzowski Palace (1817-1827) and the Czapski Palace (1827-1830). The exhibition wouldn't be complete without the Visitationists Church, the Evangelical-Augsburg Trinity Church, and the Holy Cross Church, where Chopin's heart rests. Czapliński also showcases the leisure spots where Chopin used to play or stroll: the Botanika Park at the back of the Kazimierzowski Palace, the Saxon Garden, the Royal Baths Park and the Royal Mall: Krakowskie Przedmieście Street and Nowy Świat Street; as well as Chopin's holiday destinations: Płock, Rościszewo and Sanniki.  

Czesław Czapliński is an artist photographer, journalist and film documentalist. Born in 1953 in Łódź, Poland, since 1979, he has been living in New York and Warsaw. He is the author and co-author of over 20 albums and books, including: "The Face and Masks of Jerzy Kosinski" (1992), "PORTRAITS" (1995), "My History - How I Photographed The King" (1999), "CREATORS - End of The Century" (2000), "Death & Life" (2001), "NEW YORK before and after 09/11" (2002), "The Universe of Father Jan Twardowski" (2002), "Wizytki. Hortus Conclusus" (2003), "The Art of Photography - Portrait Photography" (2004), "Polish Art Collections in America" (2005), "Artists" (2007) and "Michael Jackson 1958-2009 I Love You, Poland!" (2009), which have been on best-seller lists. In the course of the 30 years of his artistic career, he has photographed the most famous figures in the world of business, culture, politics and sports: Leonard Bernstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Placido Domingo, Umberto Eco, Luciano Pavarotti, to name only a few. He has published thousand of photos in the world's leading periodicals: "The New York Times", "Time", "Vanity Fair", "The Washington Post", or "Newsweek". Czapliński has exhibited at 100 photographic shows and presentations, the venues including the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw (1989, 1991), the Museum of Art in Łódź (1992), the Van Reekum Museum in Holland (1993), the National Museum in Warsaw (1995, 2002, 2007), the National Library in Warsaw (2000, 2001, 2005), the Museum of Mazovia in Płock (2002, 2006, 2008), as well as Nice (2000), Chicago (1998), Moscow (1997), London (2003) and New York (1981, 2001, 2003). 

Visual arts

Technical requirements
The exhibition features sepia-toned photographs in two possible sizes depending on the exposition venue:
1. Size: 70x100cm, 40 photographs, ready for display.
2. Size: 50x60cm, 40 photographs, ready for display.
The set of pictures will be forwarded on a CD containing ready to print material. 
A set of photographs ready for exhibition, size 50x60cm or 70x100cm, will be forwarded to interested parties.

Organised by
CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations Office
Pl. Piłsudskiego 9
Warszawa 00-078
Phone: (+48) 22 69 20 583 
Fax: (+48) 22 69 20 715 

Czesław Czapliński's photo exhibition: Chopin's Steps in Warsaw and the Mazovia

Czesław Czapliński's photo exhibition: Chopin's Steps in Warsaw and the Mazovia