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CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations office

Category: ArtOferty, Drama, Music

Farewell cONCERT

The spectacle based on the motifs from plays by Stanisława Fleszarowa-Muskat "Chopin and Zuska" (pl. "Chopin i Zuska") and "The Last Concert" (pl. "Ostatni koncert"). Arrangement: Rafał Odrobina.

The title suggests relationship with the last performance by Fryderyk Chopin in Warsaw, after which the Composer left his homeland forever. The concert took place on the 11th of October, 1830, in the Polish National Theatre. 
The spectacle presents the preparations for the performance and later relations from the concert. The events are accompanied by the Composer's thoughts concerning the coming great journey. Fryderyk is aware that the departure abroad is the most certain way to further development and international fame, however he is apprehensive of loneliness and homesickness after his friends and family which he is going to suffer abroad.  
The Composer is accompanied by Zuska, a girl from the village, who has been working for years in the house o the Chopin family as a nanny and the wardrobe attendant. The clash of two different worlds represented by the educated artist and a simple woman triggers many comic situations. Funny slips of tongue by Zuska and the pragmatic point of view irritate the young composer and make him laugh at the same time. However, he is moved by the bond and attention of the girl who is truly sad because of the coming separation with the artist. 

In the spectacle a symbolic division of the stage takes place. Its space is presented as presence and past. Those two co-existing dimensions observed simultaneously by the spectators are related by one medium - music. The music performed by a contemporary pianist constructs in his mind pictures from the Composer's life. They are projected on stage and materialise in front of spectators. 
The spectacle reverberates with Fryderyk Chopin's music. Apart from waltzes, mazurkas, nocturnes and ballades there are also long excerpts of the Piano Concerto in E minor Op. 11. The selection of the last composition is not coincidental as it was the exact composition performed at the farewell concert in 1830. The composition is performed in a little known version for one piano, which was developed in the framework of the National Edition of the Works of Fryderyk Chopin.
The stage design of the spectacle makes the audience travel in time to the Warsaw's salon of the Chopin family house. Actors perform in costumes chosen with care to represent Fryderyk Chopin times. 

The spectacle is addressed to adults and young adults in upper primary schools. Organizers will receive posters several weeks before the planned date of performance. 
Performing artists: 
Przemysław Stippa / Leszek Zduń – Fryderyk Chopin
Anna Grycewicz / Ewa Szawłowska – Zuska
Rafał Odrobina – piano
Sponsor of the project: Mar-Med Sp. z o.o.


Technical requirements:
The spectacle can be performed on stages of any size.
Working instrument is required (grand piano, piano or digital piano)

Previous executions of the project:
Inauguration of the Chopin Year in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (05.03.2010) and Wieliszewo (26.03.2010)
NOK, Warsaw – at CHOPINIADA (17.05.2010)
Łowicka Centre, Warsaw (02.06.2010)
Juliusz Osterwa Theatre, Gorzów Wlkp. – at CHOPIN GARTEN (17.07.2010)
5th International Summer Festival of Music, Jastrzębia Góra (24.07.2010)
On the commission of the Bałtycka Philharmonic in Gdańsk Estrada Poznańska – Scena na Piętrze, Poznań (10 and 11.10. 2010)

Upcoming executions:
Czechowice-Dziedzice (11.12.2010)
Leszno (19.12.2010)

Stanisława Fleszarowa-Muskat Foundation
Polish Tourism Organisation (POT)

Organized by:
ARS-MICA Artistic Agency

Contact details:
ul. Albatrosów 1F/4
05-500 Piaseczno
e-mail: arsmica(at)

Direct contact:
Magdalena Komsta
Phone: (+48) 668 792 932

Honorary patronage of the spectacle: Polish Tourism Organisation (POT)
Project prepared by the ARS-MICA Artistic Agency and partially financed by the company Mar-Med Sp. z o.o.